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Discover the Magic of Needle Felting

with Felt Alive Video Instructions at The Needle Felters

I make it easy, even for beginners!

Needle felt right along with me as I share with you my skills and knowledge of this craft I love so much!

"'s like needle felting with a friend."

Members have full, unlimited online access to all of these
fun and insightful video workshops
plus any new releases and video blogs from Kay's felting


This Video Workshop is the equivalent of fun and intensive 3 day live needle felted dolls workshop except you work from the comfort of your own home at your convenience and leisure. With me as your own personal tutor that you can pause and rewind anytime. 
If you want to learn to make needle felted dolls, this workshop will
have you needle felting like a pro in no time!

10 hours
of video!


As your needle felted PUP comes to life on your felting pad, you will learn to make a head with an expressive face that will connect with a fully jointed needle felted body using only wool and single barbed felting needles. No sewing or wire armatures here. Your finished Pup will be solid needle felted wool that flexes and bends nearly like a real dog.

2 hours


As you learn to make a head with a funny face, you will learn about wool and felting needles and many, many tips and tricks as I chatter away through 138 minutes of needle felting fun! I really do make it easy! Even a beginner can make a Funny Face!

2 hours


You will learn exactly how to make a unique Santa Doll to treasure for generations to come. And I encourage you to make your Santa unique by suggesting different types of hair and clothing styles. You can one or many, but no two will look alike.

5 hours


Even a beginner can make a Needle Felted Droit. High-quality video offers a birds-eye view of a Felt Alive Droit coming to life. Every detail is explained, every step of the way! It's a fun journey into sculptural needle felting as I share not only amazing techniques but my unique insight into this delightful craft!


5 hours

Needle Felted
Jack O'Lanterns!

Fun & Easy Holiday Felting!
This workshop is available to watch for free at
and it is included as part of the fun
at The Needle Felters Workshop. 

1 hour



Needle Felted

A great
introduction to soft sculptural needle felting
This workshop is available to watch for free at
and also on YouTube - it has
introduced tens of thousands of people to needle felting. 
Follow your creative intuition as bring out a fun character from
several blobs of wool.  Whenever a student feels they have a
creative block, creating a Blobster is a sure way to help. 

1 hour



Advanced Needle
Felted Faces
Wicked Witch

Filming is underway for my new workshop series on
Advanced Needle Felted Faces.  I'll be exploring techniques for
faces young and old; male and female.  As a special bonus, I
started this series off with a wicked, wicked witch!  With
exaggerated features and dramatic shading, this workshop is a great
way to add a little magic to your needle felted faces. 

2 Hours


Video Blogs

Fun Lessons from
Kay's Felting Pad

Helpful lessons just for the Members of The Needle
Felters Workshop! 

An Introduction to Prefelt



Fun tips for using prefelt in your needle felting.

10 minutes

Luscious Lips


Kay shares tips and advice for making lips luscious.

30 minutes!

And MORE to Come!
Members have first look at all new Felt Alive
Workshops - long before they are released to DVD!

Needle Felting Fun with KayI'd LOVE to show you my techniques for bringing wool to life using only wool and barbed felting needles. And as much as I'd enjoy meeting you in person in a live workshop, the next best thing I can offer is to share the magic with you through my Felt Alive Video Workshops.
Just like in a live workshop, I'll guide you along step-by-step as I share with you all of the things that make me happy when I'm needle felting. You will follow along in amazement as you learn to transform fluffy tufts of wool into needle felted characters with heart and soul!
But you will have a much better view in a video workshop - with a Kay's-eye view of my felting pad, you won't miss a single step

Imagine having your own personal needle felting tutor

Needle Felting with Friends
One that's available whenever is convenient for you; to sit right next to you in the comfort of your home and guide you along as you bring amazing needle felted creations to life together.
With Felt Alive Video Workshops I can teach you this unusual art of needle felting in living color, step by step and poke by poke in the comfort of your home at your convenience. And you can pause, rewind, stop and take a break, come back when ever you want and pick right up where you left off.

Felt Alive Video Workshops

A fun and easy way to learn the magic of needle felting.


Two hi-definition video cameras are positioned to capture the action from a "Kay's Eye View" including zoomed shots so you can clearly see even the most intricate details. As I guide you along I also share my pitfalls along with my sense of humor that guides my own creativity.

A New and Exciting way to Learn Needle Felting!

Learn more about The Needle Felters Workshop

All Felt Alive Video workshops available as individual stand-alone workshops either on DVD or Online but all of these fun workshops
are now available for one low annual fee at the needle felters

For one low annual membership fee, you can enjoy unlimited online access to all of the following workshop titles along with personal tutoring from me. I encourage members to bring their own ideas and use my workshops as a resource to learn techniques to bring their needle felted ideas to life.

All of the following workshops and so much more for only $79.95 per year!

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