Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Beginning at The End of the Road

My rv travels have come to an end but not my love of teaching needle felting!

We've had a fun couple of years on the road in the rv but it's looking like Oregon may become our second home - Alaska will always be home, home.  In my travels I discovered just how very much I love teaching needle felting and the connections with other creative people.   I have also realized that my dream is to open a needle felting studio where I can host live workshops and offer a place where students can can drop in with their own needle felting projects to work alongside me and other students.  I see it all in my head - complete with guest quarters for travelers and a sheep or two, of course!

But in the meantime, I have built the next best thing!  It's called The Needle Felters Workshop - it's the virtual studio of my dreams!  (minus the guest quarters and the sheep)  It's already bustling with activity with students from all over the world.  They have access to all of my video workshops - 7 titles (over 25 hours of lessons) and counting - and they bring their own projects too.  If they need extra help, I can flip on my video camera and show them how to proceed.  We have fun needle felting challenges and activities and we all learn from each other.

Annual membership is only $79.95

Visit us on Facebook to learn more or sign-up!