Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Having Fun in Montana

Well, it's quite possible that I LOVE Montana.

Eureka, Montana

Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir

OK, OK - we won't park there!

The following pictures were taken at a trip to Going to the Sun Fiber Mill in Kalispell, Montana. I got a lovely tour of the mill, met some funny critters, bought some nice wool and let one of my little felted guys out to play. Fun was had by all!

Lots of woolly goodness!

What's his name likes this place. (no I haven't named him yet!)

Processing Machinery

Sweet Face

Funny Faces

Guarding the homestead

Besides playing with wool and critters at a mill, I attended a dye party at Ruth's house.

What messy fun we had!

And I have been teaching more workshops at Camas Creek Yarn
The Man in the Moon was a great workshop!

These make me smile! I got so busy at the end of a workshop that I missed the group photo op but at least I captured some of the fun!

And did I mention I love Montana?? We love to go for drives in the country - which there seems to be no shortage of here. I love the old farms everywhere.

Yes, it's pretty here.

My boys love to graze in Montana's lush pastures.

I expect them to say Moo any minute now!

Dinner at Natalie's (workshop student) included this Giant Puffball.

It was beyond delicious sliced and fried.

And even with all of this fun I'm having, I'm still finding time for the most fun thing of all!

Needle Felting!! This is Li'l Lyle Lovett coming to life by the campfire.

And to end this post, I have to share this wonderful doll.

This is big Kay with Li'l Kay. Li'l Kay was made by a 12 year old boy. He followed my instructions in my online video workshop for making needle felted dolls and his mom mailed me Li'l Kay.

She is in a white bikini and is looking mighty fine. Good job, Saige!!


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Minha querida, seu trabalho é maravilhoso! Que mãos abençoadas!!!
Abracinhos no coração

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