Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhere in Oregon

It's been months since I updated my travel blog?????? The best excuse I have is that we haven't been traveling! Living in an rv and not traveling, go figure!

We settled in for the last couple of months in a quiet rv park in southern Oregon and have been working diligently on my new website. is now live and hosting my new online video workshops.

And since I have an online video workshop website, I needed to make more video workshops. So, in our little rv, we produced Felt Alive Needle Felted Pups!

It's available both for online viewing and on DVD. I designed the cover too!

These pups are a whole bunch of fun to make and I have much fun, as I usually do, taking their pictures.

So, there is that. Let's see, what else have I been doing. Oh yes!!!! How could I forget! I brought Li'l Ellen DeGeneres, Li'l Jay Leno & Li'l Bono from U2 to life in wool.

And I'm working on another Li'l Rock Star now. But that is still a secret.

And this little Green Droit was a special commission. I had a very hard time saying goodbye!

On the LIVE Felt Alive Workshop front things have been a little slow. Scheduling workshops is a logistic challenge for me. But, I am getting ready to head north to Montana for a 3 day Needle Felted Doll Workshop in Kalispell on May 14, 15 & 16. We are trying to squeeze in a 1 day Needle Felted Pups Workshop arond these dates as well. There are a couple of seats left in the Doll Workshop and the Pups is still wide open so spread the word!

And to close this post - here are some fun shots that I took in the tiny hamlet of Kirby, Oregon at a place called It's a Burl. It's an incredible place and a mecca for woodcarvers in the Pacific Northwest to come and work at the studio. My dolls fit right in!

I love this building - the roof line is great!

Cyrus really had a great time.

Li'l Janice had to pose with this Groovy sign.

yes, the signs say, Sweet - Blissed Out - Peace


Mindy said...

Hello Kay, glad to see you updated me on your adventure. When are you thinking of heading down to that Montana? It will be kind of sad leaving Oregon I bet, are you guys planning on going back there once you're done with Montana. I love the PUPS cover! Take care!

Leedra said...

The pups are sooooooo cute. Not close to Montana, so won't be joining you there. I will be at the Ky Sheep and Fiber Festival, taking needle felting classes May 14th and 15th.

Gunilla aka Feltangel said...

Hi Kay,
How good to see that you´ve
finally updated your blog. I´ve popped in here now and then and I´ve missed news from you. But on the other hand I´ve seen your latest work on flickr so I know you´ve been busy.
Take care my dear ;-))