Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhere in Oregon

It's been months since I updated my travel blog?????? The best excuse I have is that we haven't been traveling! Living in an rv and not traveling, go figure!

We settled in for the last couple of months in a quiet rv park in southern Oregon and have been working diligently on my new website. is now live and hosting my new online video workshops.

And since I have an online video workshop website, I needed to make more video workshops. So, in our little rv, we produced Felt Alive Needle Felted Pups!

It's available both for online viewing and on DVD. I designed the cover too!

These pups are a whole bunch of fun to make and I have much fun, as I usually do, taking their pictures.

So, there is that. Let's see, what else have I been doing. Oh yes!!!! How could I forget! I brought Li'l Ellen DeGeneres, Li'l Jay Leno & Li'l Bono from U2 to life in wool.

And I'm working on another Li'l Rock Star now. But that is still a secret.

And this little Green Droit was a special commission. I had a very hard time saying goodbye!

On the LIVE Felt Alive Workshop front things have been a little slow. Scheduling workshops is a logistic challenge for me. But, I am getting ready to head north to Montana for a 3 day Needle Felted Doll Workshop in Kalispell on May 14, 15 & 16. We are trying to squeeze in a 1 day Needle Felted Pups Workshop arond these dates as well. There are a couple of seats left in the Doll Workshop and the Pups is still wide open so spread the word!

And to close this post - here are some fun shots that I took in the tiny hamlet of Kirby, Oregon at a place called It's a Burl. It's an incredible place and a mecca for woodcarvers in the Pacific Northwest to come and work at the studio. My dolls fit right in!

I love this building - the roof line is great!

Cyrus really had a great time.

Li'l Janice had to pose with this Groovy sign.

yes, the signs say, Sweet - Blissed Out - Peace