Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Having Fun in Montana

Well, it's quite possible that I LOVE Montana.

Eureka, Montana

Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir

OK, OK - we won't park there!

The following pictures were taken at a trip to Going to the Sun Fiber Mill in Kalispell, Montana. I got a lovely tour of the mill, met some funny critters, bought some nice wool and let one of my little felted guys out to play. Fun was had by all!

Lots of woolly goodness!

What's his name likes this place. (no I haven't named him yet!)

Processing Machinery

Sweet Face

Funny Faces

Guarding the homestead

Besides playing with wool and critters at a mill, I attended a dye party at Ruth's house.

What messy fun we had!

And I have been teaching more workshops at Camas Creek Yarn
The Man in the Moon was a great workshop!

These make me smile! I got so busy at the end of a workshop that I missed the group photo op but at least I captured some of the fun!

And did I mention I love Montana?? We love to go for drives in the country - which there seems to be no shortage of here. I love the old farms everywhere.

Yes, it's pretty here.

My boys love to graze in Montana's lush pastures.

I expect them to say Moo any minute now!

Dinner at Natalie's (workshop student) included this Giant Puffball.

It was beyond delicious sliced and fried.

And even with all of this fun I'm having, I'm still finding time for the most fun thing of all!

Needle Felting!! This is Li'l Lyle Lovett coming to life by the campfire.

And to end this post, I have to share this wonderful doll.

This is big Kay with Li'l Kay. Li'l Kay was made by a 12 year old boy. He followed my instructions in my online video workshop for making needle felted dolls and his mom mailed me Li'l Kay.

She is in a white bikini and is looking mighty fine. Good job, Saige!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On The Front Page of the Newspaper!

Yep, that's where I was on Monday. I had been interviewed and photographed by the local newspaper here in Kalispell, Montana but I never expected to get the front page story.

It's not only been great exposure for me, but also for the yarn shop that is hosting my workshops - Camas Creek Yarn. I've gotten some really great feedback from the article and have been asked to stick around the area for even more workshops.

If you want to read the article- Click Here!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Spreading the Love of Needle Felting in Montana

We've been having so much fun in Montana. We were invited here by the wonderful folks at Camas Creek Yarn, in Kalispell where are I've taught several needle felting workshops with two more scheduled. I'll be teaching another PUPS workshop on June 7th and then a brand new workshop - The Man in the Moon on June 12th. Contact Camas Creek Yarn for more info (406) 755-9276

Open the little photo album below for more photos of Camas Creek Yarn.

Needle Felting workshops at Camas Creek Yarn. (open the album below for more!)

We were invited to a knitting retreat (I don't knit) at Camp Tuffit - Ethan fished all weekend on the lake and I relaxed and caught up with some needle felting and some sleep while my new friends learned knitting techniques from world-renowned knitter, Nancy Bush. Camp Tuffit is a 100 year old fishing lodge on the shores of Lake Mary Ronan. So gorgeous!

Open the album below to see more fun in Montana!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhere in Oregon

It's been months since I updated my travel blog?????? The best excuse I have is that we haven't been traveling! Living in an rv and not traveling, go figure!

We settled in for the last couple of months in a quiet rv park in southern Oregon and have been working diligently on my new website. is now live and hosting my new online video workshops.

And since I have an online video workshop website, I needed to make more video workshops. So, in our little rv, we produced Felt Alive Needle Felted Pups!

It's available both for online viewing and on DVD. I designed the cover too!

These pups are a whole bunch of fun to make and I have much fun, as I usually do, taking their pictures.

So, there is that. Let's see, what else have I been doing. Oh yes!!!! How could I forget! I brought Li'l Ellen DeGeneres, Li'l Jay Leno & Li'l Bono from U2 to life in wool.

And I'm working on another Li'l Rock Star now. But that is still a secret.

And this little Green Droit was a special commission. I had a very hard time saying goodbye!

On the LIVE Felt Alive Workshop front things have been a little slow. Scheduling workshops is a logistic challenge for me. But, I am getting ready to head north to Montana for a 3 day Needle Felted Doll Workshop in Kalispell on May 14, 15 & 16. We are trying to squeeze in a 1 day Needle Felted Pups Workshop arond these dates as well. There are a couple of seats left in the Doll Workshop and the Pups is still wide open so spread the word!

And to close this post - here are some fun shots that I took in the tiny hamlet of Kirby, Oregon at a place called It's a Burl. It's an incredible place and a mecca for woodcarvers in the Pacific Northwest to come and work at the studio. My dolls fit right in!

I love this building - the roof line is great!

Cyrus really had a great time.

Li'l Janice had to pose with this Groovy sign.

yes, the signs say, Sweet - Blissed Out - Peace

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wild Women Felt Alive!

Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll Workshop
Rosie's Wild Woman Studio Depoe Bay, Oregon
January 2010

I had the privilege of sharing the magic of needle felting dolls with a fabulous group of creative women in Depoe Bay, Oregon. None of the group had ever needle felted before but everyone managed to bring the wool to life, creating a zany lineup of characters in various stages of completion.

I was so proud of everyone for shedding their preconceived notions of "what" or "who" they wanted to create and allowing the wool to lead the way! We shared many laughs and some very serious moments of silent poking.

These two Lovebirds came to life side by side - created by two best friends - Linda and Rosie.

And to celebrate Rosie's birthday on the last day of the workshop, we enjoyed a lovely dinner out. Sharing a night with new friends and their families was a special treat for Ethan and me - being strangers in town and all! We got the inside scoop of the fun to be had in this area. And because none of us got enough fun, I'll be back near the end of February for a one day Felt Alive Mutts workshop! I can't wait!!
Thanks Wild Women!