Sunday, December 13, 2009

No, really, where is Felt Alive??

On the Beach in Southern Oregon

I can't believe HOW FAST the time is flying.   We left Alaska almost 8 weeks ago already and have been making so many adjustments to life on the road.  I think we are doing quite well living in small quarters.  My home has always been like a tossed salad anyway, my bowl is just smaller now.

I have made many observations while adjusting to this new lifestyle.  One is that RV parks are very unusual places.  There are full-time residents, people who pull in for just a few hours to sleep and those that stay a few days – like that crazy lady from Alaska we met on our first day here – go figure.  The parks we love tend to be nearly abandoned.  I think it is our Alaskan roots that drive our need forDSCN4845 privacy and solitude. So spending time on the southern Oregon coast in the off-season has been perfect.  In our RV park on the beach we never had more than three neighbors.    But we know it won't be off-season for long as summer nears so we have some hard decisions to make regarding where and what to do next.  When I imagine our little RV park filled to capacity, I shudder. I do have an exciting prospect for a teaching gig for the whole summer at a popular resort - which would keep us far from the crowded parks in a lovely part of rural Oregon. I will post more on that later.  

As for my needle felting journey – I am very slowly starting to work out some live Felt Alive teaching gigs.  These things take some time and planning.  I have been busy giving my website some MUCH needed improvements.  I designed a new banner and I love the new look and feel of the site.  My visitor counter passed the 50,000 mark recently so that is exciting.  We are working on getting my DVD workshops online so we can offer them in streaming video format as well as on DVD.  So much to learn at every turn! 

needle-felted-hendrix-wipAlthough I haven't been needle felting as much as I would like, I do have a new Li’l Star in the works.  Li’l Hendrix is proving to be quite fun! 




To make up for lost felting time, we have been having so much fun taking pictures of my dolls in the beautiful Oregon scenery. 

We take off in the Jeep and go exploring the beaches and mountains around here, finding amazing places to photograph the dolls.  Our goal with these photo shoots is to illustrate a children's book. We haven't even dented the places we want to explore.  We have been novice agate hunters and tide pool explorers on the beaches and we love taking off on unmarked logging roads in the mountains.  Mountain Cow Mountain Cows






We haven't met much wildlife but we did meet some cows on the mountaintops on one of these roads.   The other encounters with wildlife were pretty terrifying for these lifelong Alaskans who are accustomed to wildlife that is a bit larger.

 slug snail

We have captured some magical shots in the Redwood forests of Northern California, remote trails along the logging roads of southern Oregon, the beaches and tide pools on the southern Oregon Coast.  This part of the country is known as Oregon's banana belt.  It is remote, beautiful and evergreen.  I love that part the most.

Bushes abloom year round, green grass and ferns in the forests, warm, sandy beaches;  the smells are all intoxicating to me.  After our monthly rental ran out, we drifted around for a week but found ourselves back here at the beach for another month. 

But, of course, it's not all fun and games.  The Felting Forum has been giving us all troubles and that has been more than frustrating.  Our server lost three weeks worth of data and then tell me not to use my back-ups because the data is corrupt.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.


This is a cat sanctuary built on the jetty at Gold Beach, Oregon.  It became quickly apparent to us that it was a sanctuary for more than cats.  I missed the shot of the raccoons but the skunks were none too shy.  (Did I mention that there are no skunks or raccoons where I am from?) 


And I have been busy upgrading myself with the latest devices to keep me in touch while on the road.  I must admit, the learning curve for my new Blackberry handheld PDA device has been much tougher than I anticipated.  But soon I will be a pro at twittering, facebooking and even forum posting from some of the cool places we are visiting via my mini computer/cell phone.  When we moved into the RV, we made a spot for my desktop computer because the last thing I wanted to do was switch computers during a move.  But I just got a new laptop so I will be able to free myself from the confines of my desktop.  But I haven't even started transferring files and getting my laptop set up yet.  It's times like these that I really miss my nephew, Ben - sigh...I left my computer guru back in Alaska - Hi Ben!!  But, I will muddle through!  This blog post was created through the Windows Live system on my new laptop.  I can see how nice the upgrades will be but again, I have much to learn! 

Felt Alive in the Forest - Needle Felted Dolls

Happy Trails!!

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Hi Kay, I love the new blog post. You take the most outstanding pictures!