Monday, November 2, 2009

The Giant Oregon Outhouse Fly

I thought we grew things big in Alaska! This funny landmark is in the tiny little community of O'Brien, Oregon. Very near to our old hometown of Cave Junction, staying in O'Brien felt like being home. There is a casual, laid-back spirit in these parts.

We were fueling up and it took me a few minutes to figure out what the people willing to brave the giant fly were carrying - they were GIANT fly swatters! So funny! I guess they hand them out when you get the key for the restroom! I must admit, it was very nice to have my own private john in my traveling home that does not require a giant fly swatter!

We did so much work to set out on this great journey; we totally upturned our lives and uprooted ourselves and our dogs in order to make this happen. Now that the monumental task of getting out of Alaska is behind us, Ethan and I were talking the other night about how we are both finding comfort in our old familiar territory here in Oregon. We lived here for several years and have already explored this area but we found ourselves reluctant to push down the highway - even though the weather is getting cool and rainy. We set up camp in a nice RV park just behind the giant fly.

They boys are both really doing so well adjusting to RV park life. Very well mannered! The Giant Fly RV Park had a nice trail leading to a creek - the dogs love rv parks with places for them to romp free. But Spikey got the first tick! They visited their old vet just the other day to get all set up for life outside of Alaska - the tick was dead but GROSSSSSS!! We don't have ticks, fleas or heartworm in Alaska.

And we finally put my vinyl graphics on the sides of the RV - it is just my business name and website - pretty low key - but I have a funny story to tell about those graphics. I was at the Alaska State Fair with my friend, Mindy, and we spotted this booth doing vinyl graphics - I guessed at the dimensions and had the guy make a pair - one for each side. Fast forward to somewhere in the Yukon - Ethan and I spotted this fresh cinnamon bun place - it was a roadside lodge on a long, lonely stretch of road and hot, sweet bread sounded SO good - we learned that they were sold out because somebody bought 70 of them (mutters under breath - 70???? - damnnnnn!!!) There was another disappointed couple there too - they were also traveling out of Alaska with their howling husky mutts - we started chatting because all of our dogs were howling while waiting for us. It turns out the guy remembered me from the fair - he had made my graphics. Small world!

And here is a picture of the Toad - RV'er lingo for a towed vehicle.

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ingermaaike said...

Hahaha that fly...

Great to see the dogs loving it all as well!

Janine/FoxtailCreekStudio said...

Hi Kay! I've just finished reading every post here about your journey (how the heck did I miss all this??)...this is like reading a book that I can't put down. I'm so glad you're sharing all of this with us!
Take care--

Gunilla aka Feltangel said...

WOW Kay, that fly was scary !!! The vinyl graphics looks great, such a good idea to put it on the RV. I´m so glad I can follow you on your journey on this blog, makes me feel closer to you. Take care !! ;-)

Mindy said...

What fun you guys are having =) I miss you Kay!