Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exploring Strange New Worlds

We had a great time in our old stomping grounds but decided to push south. When we lived in Oregon we used to visit the Pacific coast as often as we could - the beauty of the rugged coast -where the forest meets the sea is truly amazing. We never took the time to stay and explore though.

The drive to the coast was crazy fun in the big coach. The road, as you can see, is not wide. It is a well traveled highway and quite scenic. I'm suggesting to anyone who may get the chance to make this drive - Highway 199 from Grants Pass OR to Crescent City, California straight through the giant Redwoods of Jedediah Smith Park. The air is still and pungent in this ancient rain forest - massive groves of massive trees. I'm talking beyond incredible. Our big coach and Toad made stopping here difficult but we are still in the area and plan to drive back for a day of photographing the dolls in the forest. The light that filters through the towering canopy is nearly magical. But that's another day and another blog!

After passing through the Redwood groves, we dropped into Crescent City California to a warm, sunny day.

The Felt Alive Boys loved checking out the view.

And the Petal boys traveled a very long way to get finally get a chance to romp on a beach. There is something about beaches and dogs.

Of course we had to stop in our favorite seafood restaurant in Crescent City. It's too bad we had to drive over 3000 miles to enjoy the best Alaskan cod ever. The fish and chips at the Chart Room are just about to die for.

Situated right on the Crescent City Harbor, watching the local sea lions sunning themselves
makes for a very authentic seafood dining experience. I don't often order seafood unless I can actually see the sea!

From Crescent City we drove north along Highway 101 into Oregon's Banana Belt on the Gold Coast. I have read that this drive is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. I wouldn't argue that. It is breathtaking where the lush coastal evergreen forests meet the vast Pacific Ocean.

Ethan has had his heart set on spending some time on the Oregon Coast since we started this whole adventure so we decided to find a great spot to settle down for a month or so. We have so much work to do to get workshops scheduled and moving every few days is not easy, even when your home is on wheels. So, we found a beautiful spot right on the beach complete with it's own lighthouse!

We are in a cool little coastal community - our home is prime beachfront property. The beach is just out our front door; literally, out the front door - there is short trail through the sea grass to the open Pacific. We walked and played on the beach the first two days we were here - The sun felt so amazing on my pale, Alaskan skin. I braved the cold water's edge and the surf and sand felt like heaven swirling around my feet. Wasilla Lake, back home in Alaska, is now frozen. I like ice skating ok but I LOVE the surf in my toes!

Gazing at the sea from the lighthouse tower is mesmerizing.

And the view from the tower looking down at our temporary home site.

It is hard to get any work done with the beach beckoning but it will be our home for a while so the novelty may wear off. Part of the thrill of our adventure is to find amazing spots and take the time to explore the area. This part of Oregon is really amazing. The weather here is quite diverse. But it rarely freezes and that I love. It can be sunny and 70 degrees one minute and then horizontal sheets of rain soaking you the next. It seems to stay at least 50 F and I am not chilled all the time like I was in Alaska.

We have been here about four days now. Even though we stopped moving, I still haven't gotten much work done- we've just been having so much fun in the sun and taking long walks on the miles of expansive beaches just out our front door. It's was a vacation that was very much needed.

Beach Shanty


Surfer Dude

But then some wild winter coastal storms hit that chased even the bravest surfers out of the water. The Dolphin (the brand of our RV) weathered the storms so well. We were cozy and comfortable as the wind and rain hammered the coastline. The next day the sun was out again but the ocean turned from a gentle creature into an angry beast. A huge storm in the Gulf of Alaska created some large swell conditions that made their way here - the beautiful beach shanties made by visitors during the long days of summer were destroyed as giant waves battered the shoreline. Ethan and I have discovered the thrill of watching the high surf. It is dangerous to be close to the shoreline as a sneaker wave can overcome you at any moment. The high waves tossed logs all the way down the winding beach trail leading to our rv park. I would not want to get caught up in that yet the ocean beckons us to watch the immense power of the 25 foot breakers relentlessly slamming the shoreline. I prefer watching the show from the safety of the little lighthouse, far above the tumultuous surf. I will post pictures of the storm in my next post.

And my Li'l Donald Trump is finally finished but still hasn't posed for his official portrait in the lightbox.


marian said...

These pictures are amazing. I just wish I could travel with you for a few days.

Di Pugh said...

Kay - Your photographs are truly revealing - as is your writing. It's plain to see that you and Ethan are on a wonderful soul healing journey. And it is obvious those "Petal boys" are in dog heaven on earth. When they look into your camera lens they seem to be saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" or it could simple be "Ok this is great, but when do we eat again?" lol
Final thought: Donald...hair...whoa! Perfect capture!

Mindy said...

Hi Kay! I love your pictures.. they are all so amazing and it makes me want to pick up Ben and run to where you are in a hurry. Perhaps we will be RV goers too huh? Anyway I love you all much and I think we need to see some Kay and Ethan pics too along with cute Spike and Lucky :)

Gunilla aka Feltangel said...

Oh so good to see photos of your furry boys playing on the beach. They sure look happy. I read every word you write and enjoy the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! ;-)

Kay Petal said...

Hi friends!

Marian, I want so badly for some felting friends to join me! Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Diana, the dogs seem to know that we are on a big adventure. But they always seem to look forward to returning "home" after a day of fun. (They know where their treat bucket is parked!)

Mindy!!!!! Hi Mindy!!! I miss you too. You would have so much fun here, I always see things that I just know you would love. I put the pup pics on mostly for Ben's sake and as soon as we shed a few more of those bad Alaskan pounds we will get in front of the lens more often! These long beach walks are really great exercise

Gunilla, this is already turning into an amazing experience and it is so wonderful having friends to share it with.

Until next time...