Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Made It!!!!

We made it safely and happily through Canada and arrived in the US early this afternoon.

Our day started with a bit of a chuckle as we pulled out of the RV Park we stayed in. The other name had been removed from the sign. I guess that relationship didn't work out. Personally, I would have removed both names but perhaps Micheal is holding out hope for a new name to put in the slot.

The trip through the Frasier River canyon was stunningly gorgeous. The road is narrow and winding so I had to take all of the pictures while moving. Finding a place to pull over at a moments notice is tough.

(what in the heck is Crackers up to?)

We stopped in Hope, BC for a little breather before crossing the border back into the US. Hope is such an quaint town in one of the most dramatic settings imaginable with towering mountains on all sides. So beautiful!!

Bald eagles certainly reminded me of home.

We are settled in for the evening in an RV park in Anacortes, Washington. It is so nice here we just might stay a few days. I just can't seem to take in enough of the amazing Pacific Northwest smells. I step outside and breathe deeply - it is just so lush and green here. I realized that I have spent nearly every winter of my life deprived of the smell of the great outdoors. When everything goes into a deep freeze, nothing smells; except for car exhaust and smoke from wood stoves.

We are having fun watching people's reactions to my dolls in the windows. They are bringing smiles to many faces and are quite a conversation starter when we pull into an RV Park. We are really going to have fun!

More tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Just found your blog. What a great adventure, this is a dream of ours, so I will follow your journey and wish you well,

Ruth said...

Welcome to the lower 48! Don't miss Deception Pass which is just south of Anacortes crossing over to Whidbey Island. There is also a great fiber arts center there in Oak Harbor (Gail Harker Creative Studies Center) where I took a wonderful class last January.

Anonymous said...

kay im so loving your journey so far!!!!
lol its danni but cant remeber my password so had to post as annon