Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are on the road!!

Well sort of! One of the things we needed to do before leaving was to sell our truck. We were pretty disappointed that we were all set to go but had not found a buyer and still had this truck. A truck we are making payments on that is too big to tow behind. We had made arrangements to leave it with a used car dealer and were going to drop it off on our way out of the state. Minutes before we got on the road, someone called that wanted to look at the truck. The good news is that he is buying it. The less than good news is that it delayed our departure for two days. We are meeting him at the bank in a few hours and leaving town from there. Minus one truck payment!! Yay!!!!!!!! It feels like good Karma.

And we are experiencing an unusual warm spell for October that reaches up into Canada where we will be traveling. So, we should be on the road this morning and nearing the Canadian border this evening.

I will update with pictures soon!!

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