Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toad, Trout and Spilled Milk.

Our stay in Anacortes was short - we boogied south down I-5 towards our old stomping grounds in southern Oregon.

We found a vehicle just across the border in California. It was all set up to tow behind and RV - the RV crowd calls towed vehicles Toads. So, we have a green Jeep Toad. It is nothing fancy but we will be able to drive around now after we get the RV all set up. It will get us to many beaches and hiking areas and today I learned about geocaching so we may just have to try that. I really had never heard of it but all it takes is a google search! Wow!!

Cool Vintage Motel Sign in Yreka, California

Mt. Shasta at 65 mph

It's great to be back in southern Oregon - we lived here back in 2001-2003 when we bought a great place out in the country near Cave Junction where I learned to garden and preserve. Work and life called us back to Alaska but it was a great escape while it lasted! It felt so inviting driving into this area after our long drive.

Some friends generously offered us refuge on their vacant property and it felt like being home again. I didn't' realize how much I missed the night sky here. The stars can make me dizzy! We really do love this area and may very well wind up settling down here after a year or two of traveling. It will be our home base, that's for sure.

But while it is great fun out in the country, getting reliable internet is tough! I have been out of touch for a few days because of it. So, we moved closer to town are parked in a friend's yard in Grants Pass. And now that we have our Toad, we plan to rent a space for a week or two in an RV park close by. It's nice to stay with friends but having the proper power plug-ins, wi-fi, cable tv, water and sewer makes life much easier. RV Parks are so very convenient. There is a lot to learn about full time RV'ing and we are totally green. But we already know we usually learn things the hard way so we are prepared for some trying moments on occasion as we learn the ins and outs of life on the road. The folks we bought the Toad from were full-timer's and I had more questions about that than about the vehicle we were buying. It's certainly a much different lifestyle than what either of us know. But so far, we are meeting some really fun people and are enjoying the freedom of what we are doing.

So while we are here, regrouping in familiar territory, I'm trying to put together a few workshops. With only short notice they will be small but that's a great way to start out. There is definitely interest wherever we go - I met a puppet maker named Trout who was quite intrigued with my needle felting - he had never seen the medium. It is so thrilling to be able to open a new world of possibilities to creative people like Trout.

So there we have the Toad and the Trout but hold your tears for the spilled milk. Never cry is what I have been told but sometimes that is tough. We made it 3000 miles without any problems but as we were rounding the corner to our friends' house the refrigerator popped open and out spilled a 1/2 gallon of milk -and not on the wood floor, but it bounced into the bathroom and spilled all over the carpet. It ran under the walls and soaked everything. We had to pull carpet because I cannot live in a small space shared with the smell of rotting milk in the carpet. We are still letting the floors dry out and will be replacing the carpet soon. The joy of living in a moving house!


Rosie said...

Oh I am so envious of your wonderful journey. I have only been to Canada once and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery the people and just everything about it. I have only just started felting and I am really loving it. Good luck on your journey, can't wait to read more.
Rosie in the UK

Karen said...

Glad your having a great time and please dont cry over spilt milk, hehehe ooooo yuk
geocaching sounds fun

Karen in OZ lol

Marian said...

Aaahhh well, 3000 miles without one single problem.....
Laugh over spilled milk girl....
You two do great!!!

love, Marian

ingermaaike said...

How fun we play geocach with the boys here in Norway too. They love leaving little felted things in the boxes.