Monday, October 19, 2009

Still somewhere in Canada

I'm not even sure of the name of the town we are in. But today we had a very pleasant day of easy travel. The roads get MUCH better the further south we go.

And I discovered that I really love driving into Autumn, leaving old man winter far behind.

We started out our day with a scenic drive out of Fort St. John along the Peace River into the idyllic town of Hudson's Hope.

We stopped at a most glorious lookout to see the farmland far below us with the Peace River far below that. The fog was lying thick down there but the sun was shining on us.

The Peace River valley is one of my favorite stretches of this trip. (This is my 5th time down the Alaska Highway.)

From there we pushed into Chetwynd and were delighted to find the first fruit stand of our trip. We purchased our breakfast of delicious BC apples, plums and pickled asparagus. I know that sounds like a strange breakfast but it was sure yummy. We ate the whole jar of asparagus!

We continued into Prince George following the Frasier River. We had dinner in the town of 100 Mile House and found an RV Park wherever it is we are now.

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And I don't have any wildlife shots to share - I had my camera at the ready all day but only saw a few deer.

Tomorrow we will arrive in Seattle. We hope to purchase a car to tow behind us once we get there. I am starting to adjust to the fact that we have our home with us wherever we go. Ethan is sprawled out on the couch watching a movie, unwinding from his long day of driving. The dogs are cozy in their beds and I am busy on the computer. And house cleaning only takes a few minutes! And besides a couple of meals at restaurants, we have eaten in for every meal. That is saving us so much money. I'm getting pretty good at this RV cooking in a tiny kitchen. I love to cook and I was worried I wouldn't be able to function. But it's not too bad at all.

The coolest thing is that I am finding it very easy to needle felt while going down road. I didn't even break a needle or stab myself! I have table that pulls out in front of my seat. What a great studio with an ever changing view. I completed my Li'l Donald Trump doll with pics to come tomorrow. He is genuinely creepy!

And now, I do believe it is bedtime - Goodnight friends!!


Marian said...

Kay I would just looooove to see the inside of your mobile home. Can you please take a few pictures??

gunknitter said...

Hallo in Canada ! It`s fun to read about your adventure, Kay !!

Happy driving and felting !!

Gunilla aka Feltangel said...

Hi Kay,
It´s so much fun to follow your journey through Canada. Have you any idea how many miles you´ve driven so far ? How long do you plan to stay in Seattle ? I wish you a good nights sleep and take care !
Love Gunilla
PS: Promise to send you an email soon....

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Kay! You sure are an inspiration. Your pictures are beautiful. You guys are probably in Seattle by now and perhaps shopping for a tow along car.. Do let me know! Miss you

ingermaaike said...

Amazing isn't it how fast one ajusts to a new set of circumstances?