Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fort St. John, BC, Canada

Well, it's been fun, rough, scary, gorgeous, tiring and exciting! Since Friday, we wound our way through Yukon territory and across the Northern Rockies. I spent most of Friday crying my eyes out. Pathetic, I know, but what a well of emotions came out about our big adventure as I faced anxiety from the trials and tribulations of driving the Alaska Highway in the cold, snow and ice. By Saturday, the sun was out and the roads were much better. By Sunday, as we crossed the northern Rockies, the weather was incredible and my excitement about what we are doing is back.

Entering Canada at Beaver Creek in the Yukon.

Frost Heaves - you can see them - they are much worse than they look, the motor home handled them well, thankfully.

Wood Bison near Liard Hot Springs. These things were everywhere!

Oh-oh!! They spotted the Wood Bison.

The Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

The best sign ever! The black symbol means frost heaves. These Polish tourists had a great outlook!!

Little tourists in The Signpost Forest.

Stone sheep in the northern Rockies.

Licking the salt from the road.

So many new things to sniff!!! The dogs are great travelers.

Here I am soaking away the day's worries at Liard Hot Springs. This pool was 9 ft deep and way out in the snowy woods. The water was about 100 degrees F and I loved every minute of it.

A freezing river. In another week or two, this will be frozen solid

Caribou in the Rockies.

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Tomorrow we push south. We hope to make it into Washington!!!


Mindy said...

Hi Kay! I love the pictures and all the adventure behind them. I'm happy to see you guys have made it so far and safely. I can tell the felt alive dolls are really loving it.. and of course the pups too =)We really miss you here in Alaska, but I am so happy for you and I'm going to come and join you! Swim in some more hot spings for me .. talk to you soon!

Gunilla aka Feltangel said...

Oh Kay, that´s for the update ! Feel like I´m there beside you, so interesting to see all the photos. Let the tears come, you´ve been under stress for such a long time and it´s bound to be a reaction. You are after all making a major change in your life ! Lots of hugs to you and your 3 boys !

Marian aka Eukje said...

Its such an amazing thing to me, to know that you can "meet" these animals just like that.
Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

Kay Petal said...

Hi Mindy! I can't wait for you to come and find us. And the hot springs are so great, we have to seek them out wherever we can.

Gunilla - I think the tears have dried up. I feel a sense of awakening and am having a great time. I think of you often as Roger and Riley lead the way!

Marian - these animals seem absolutely fearless of huge motor homes. I swear I could have walked up and brushed some wool off of that sheep. But those horns are a little scary! And the wood bison - I would love to get my hands on some of their fiber as well. But their horns are very scary so I will have to be content just to look.